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iled Under (Products) by Bob on 12-05-2008

Check this out!
Pacific Color, Inc. SOS (Studio Ordering Software) has an exciting new product! In the Portrait Catalog under the Lifestyle Collection tab, Large Composites, a 5X30 lifestyle panel that let’s you determine the number of photo images per panel, any amount from 1 through 8. Using your Options palette, click on Layout, and then select the number of image nodes you desire. Your client only wants 3 images? No problem, click on 3 image. When you drag your first image over you will see there are now 3 image boxes. Client changed their mind? Click on 5 image, and presto, there are 5 image boxes! Watch for more of these customizable composite products from Pacific Color, Inc. SOS from Pacific Color, Inc., where you are in charge!