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TAG: A tag is a keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information (a picture, a blog entry, a website etc.).

Great for seniors to keep in touch with friends, our tag cards allow space for phone numbers, email addresses and websites. Sold in sets of eight cards, these make a great addition to packages you may already offer. Double sided, ‘trader card’ style. 100’s of styles to choose from!

Printed on Kodak Endura paper, you will not be sacrificing print quality or color. Use our Metallic paper for that extra zing! Order today! Great for all your school representatives to get the word out about your business.

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Check this out!
Pacific Color, Inc. SOS (Studio Ordering Software) has an exciting new product! In the Portrait Catalog under the Lifestyle Collection tab, Large Composites, a 5X30 lifestyle panel that let’s you determine the number of photo images per panel, any amount from 1 through 8. Using your Options palette, click on Layout, and then select the number of image nodes you desire. Your client only wants 3 images? No problem, click on 3 image. When you drag your first image over you will see there are now 3 image boxes. Client changed their mind? Click on 5 image, and presto, there are 5 image boxes! Watch for more of these customizable composite products from Pacific Color, Inc. SOS from Pacific Color, Inc., where you are in charge!

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New 4×8 graduation announcements and new senior 5×30 panels available in SOS Elite! Choose from a variety of styles and colors. let your imagination run wild with design!

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Announcing new Baby Announcements in SOS Elite. Be creative with our new designs and artwork! All our colors and fonts are available on these too. Keep checking back weekly as we will be creating more artwork and designs in the Portrait Elite Catalog.

Download a PDF of all the new styles Here

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New!!! Large selection of holiday cards. Completely customizable, from backgrounds and new fonts to border colors. Make your customers holiday cards stand out from the rest!

Download a PDF of the styles Here

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Have fun and be creative with our new ‘Lifestyle’ composites in the SOS Portrait Elite Catalog. Hundreds of new combinations to choose. From all new backgrounds and colors to new font choices.

Download Texture choice examples Here 

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Have you ever wanted to apply your logo or add a custom watermark to a large number of files at the same time? Now you can. This tutorial is great for online posting. If you would like your logo printed you will have to experiment a little with placement. The size of your file and the aspect ratio you will be printing in has a huge effect on your placement. Don’t write this action off quite yet though, it’s very simple to do and with a little practice and patience, you can have many different ‘droplets’ made to drag your images through. More on this in the tutorial! Have fun with it.

Download custom PDF tutorial Here

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Here’s another…PC users can use this tutorial to resize images for web or posting with Pacific Color Galleries. Enjoy!

Must download ‘Irfanview’ Here (free)

Download custom PDF tutorial Here

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As requested, here is a quick tutorial for renaming multiple images within folders. It’s a quick and easy alternative to Photoshop.

Must download ‘Irfanview’ Here (free)

Download custom PDF tutorial Here

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Here is another Workflow for all Mac users to download. This will allow you to resize all your images within a specified folder. Perfect for Pacific Color Galleries upload for Mac. Way easier (and faster) than creating actions in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Download Automator Workflow Here

Download Custom PDF Tutorial Here